Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiana Gregg (on the right) with her business partner Paula Echanove has been running the Green Frog Café here in Palouse for years, and all the while Tiana has also been running an active music scene around the Green Frog. Not only that, but she also is a seriously great singer and songwriter. One afternoon last September she spent a few hours here recording 19 wonderful songs and she's coming over this Sunday to record a couple more. I just finished getting these basic tracks edited and cleaned up, and I am stunned by how good she is.

She intends to flesh some of these songs out with a little production, and that will of course be fun to do, but I am struck by the power of her music with nothing other than her voice and guitar, recorded live.

How about this one? Is this not an absolutely fabulous piece of music and poetry?

It is an interesting dilemma to have a track like this. I could hear all sorts of parts in it, a drum kit, electric guitar, piano, bass...but, isn't it more amazing with just her incredible voice and that quiet guitar back there? Sometimes good production is NOT doing things...