Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back on track

A July thunderstorm approaches...
...trying to get a sense of the summer panorama out in the prairie. The white flowers are yarrow (and some phacelia and wild buckwheat) and the pink are clarkia...Gallardia, cinquefoil, Rocky Mtn. little sunflowers, and lupines are also blooming, but it is an odd thing about photographs that you can see these things when you are standing there, but it is hard to see them if you can see them at all in a photo.
I finished my never-ending CD project this week, and I'll post a track or two on my website eventually. It was a lot of fun to lose myself in country music for half a year, and I learned a lot, too. I hope Shiloh has a great success with her recording, but I am so very pleased that I get to return to my own projects at last!