Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer in the prairie

Silky lupine and Clarkia bloom a few weeks ago...

Oh, there is evil out there.  Medusahead grass, for one, and Prickly lettuce, which I will soon spray, but there is beauty, too!  Both Sugar bowl clematis (Clematis hirsutissima) I moved last year are alive and kicking (though not blooming this year), and I have been tickled to see that a bunch of Oregon checkermallow I planted... four years ago?... have survived and bloomed for the first time.

But this next thing is the treasure.  I didn't plant it.  Did birds plant this?  I have no idea.  But, under the Ponderosa pine in the far southeast corner of the property, as I was mowing (sort of a last-ditch effort on the Medusahead, which won't work, but might slow it down for a week or two until I spray it)... I came upon two blooming Fool's onions (Triteleia hyacinthina).

I love the free gifts from the goddess...

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